A WordPress Developer Starting Out in the World of Blogging

So just to mention from the start, this is my first blog post in any legit sense. A Software/WordPress Developer with no real experience in writing, breaking out into the land of the bloggers.

Why would a developer want to give up complete control of designing their blog, especially on WordPress.com? I say “especially” because most developers will host their own blog or website, instead of using a platform that is managed, hosted, and overall run and owned by another company.

My first impression here is that no one cares to focus on how you built your blog, but more of what you blog about. The nature of my work as a developer usually leaves me focusing on the experience leading up to, and around the content; instead of creating any actual content – This really excites me!

So while I spend most of my time creating WordPress Themes & Plugins for the self-hosted version of WordPress, I am excited to find a purpose to create content, share my experiences, and connect with others in the world of blogging. While this post fits no real purpose and seems strange to actual publish after writing.. Here it goes… My journal/diary out loud!

Next Step: Take a profile picture for my avatar! 😛

No Excuses! Finish your Goals!
No Excuses! Finish your Goals!

-Tyler Harcourt

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